Riverside Transfer, my N scale point to point layout

Riverside Transfer 2.0 version 135 (Current 2024)

South Terminal

Car Float Interchange

Riverside Yard w/ Freight Terminal and Team Track


North (Main) Yard

What started as an idea has become a reality

Paint Colors for Riverside Transfer
Tamiya XF-70 – Dark Green 2
Tamiya XF-19 – Sky Gray

Previous Design and Layout Development
2023 and older

Design Process

The following PDF was the design process that I went through when creating Riverside Transfer 2.0. Not everything made it into the final design, but it was a great process that really helped me determine what was important to includ. Here is a pdf that outlines my design ideas, goals and current plans.
(Some pages might take a while to download when scrolling through PDF)

Below is the layout design for my existing layout. By existing, I mean that I have laid the track and it is operational. While my actual layout is a U shape with a peninsula, it was very helpful to create this operation map of my layout. I have added names for all the locations and industries on my layout.

Operations Plan for the Riverside Transfer
Current N scale layout
Current Layout, as built in layout room